What a good salesperson does

 Here are five tips practiced by successful salespeople.

Advance preparation

Making thorough preparations in advance without neglecting them will make an overwhelming difference  https://slimtime.co.jp/  in your subsequent sales results.

In particular, try to pay attention to the following points in your advance preparation.

(1) Do you have an understanding of the product?

In addition to explaining the product itself, it is meaningless unless you can tell the client what benefits the product will bring to them.

2) What kind of proposal will you make?

After understanding the merits of the product, you need to prepare how you will propose it to the client, including materials, so that you can answer any questions that may arise.

3) Why do you want to visit?

By organizing the background of the visit, you can give a smooth talk.

For example, re-organize what kind of inquiries you have received, and if you have met before, where you exchanged business cards.

It would be good if you can think of possible questions in advance and prepare answers and materials for them.

Also, if possible, it is very important to have someone else play the role of the client and role-play.

In-depth Talk

If you do not understand the company's business and the department and duties of the person in charge, you will not be able to make appropriate suggestions and conversations.

Instead of telling the same story to all clients, it is important to change the story for each client.

In order to do this, you need to do the preparation mentioned above and ask yourself, "What is it that the client is looking for? "What is the client looking for?" and "What does our product (service) solve? By simulating these questions in advance, you will be able to have a more concrete discussion.

In particular, if you visit the client without prior preparation, you will only end up talking about the prerequisites, and the conversation will not be beneficial to both parties.

Ask questions rather than talk

Salespeople have an image of one-sidedly explaining products and talking about their merits, but it is also important to find out what the client wants and what they are actually feeling or having trouble with.

"Do you have any questions?" "Do you have any requests?" If you ask abstract questions like "Do you have any questions?

So, "What do you value more, price or quality? Do you have any problems with similar products (services) in the past? By making the questions more specific and adding more questions to the answers, it is easier to get the client to talk about what they want and what they are having trouble with.

When explaining a product, it is important to ask questions in some places to find out what the client wants, rather than just talking one way.

Handwriting is better than brochures

You may have brochures about your products with you at all times, but a good salesperson will have a handwritten sales tool that introduces the product.

The handwritten ones explain the products in a more comprehensible way and use a lot of diagrams and tables to make them visually easier to understand.

Also, handwritten ones are more likely to convey the benefits to clients in a concise manner than brochures, so it is a good idea to have your own sales tool instead of relying on brochures.

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